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Web and Mobile App Development

Create user-friendly and secure web and mobile applications that drive your business goals.

App Modernization

Revitalize your applications and optimize their value to enhance performance, security, and usability.

Transformation to Cloud

Securely migrate your existing apps or data systems to the cloud with our expansive knowledge and assistance.

Managed Services

Rely on CIDC to offer a comprehensive, proactive approach to managing your software’s lifecycle.

Integration Solutions

Integrate any tool you need to enhance efficiency and reduce errors, allowing for a cohesive tech ecosystem.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Automate complex, repetitive tasks using Robotic Process Automation and AI tools, enabling more efficiency.

Staff Augmentation

Lower costs, shorten timeframes, and execute great software development projects with outsourced talent

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Some of the companies we've collaborated with on solutions


Our experience with ConcertIDC exceeded our expectations. They took our vision for a direct and broker-free hotshot trucking platform and transformed it into a functional reality.

Clayton Skyes

CEO / Founder of FreightRunner

Partnering with ConcertIDC has been a game-changer for Innova Zones. Their innovative solutions have been pivotal in propelling our growth and helping us realize our vision of revolutionizing asset management.

Brian Barker

Founder & CEO, Innova Zones

If you want to do outsourced development correctly, you do it with ConcertIDC. Otherwise, you just don’t do it.

Wes Queen

Founder & CEO, ShipOgre

From the outset, ConcertIDC has been a tremendous development partner for Clinekt Health. They have demonstrated a deep understanding of our objectives and a keen ability to turn our ideas into functional code. Their background in the healthcare sector has been a great benefit for us, as they pick up very quickly when we present new development criteria to the team. Their technical proficiency and problem-solving skills have been evident in every phase of the project.

Wood Bramlett

CEO, Clinekt Health

The personality for fitting into the team dynamic and then engineering skills are my two biggest benchmarks, and both of those have been fantastic.

Brian Lehmann

Software Development Manager and Lead Architect, Vincit Group

I’ve had so many nightmares when designing anything, even just basic graphics. But the designs themselves were just so quality, I had very few edits to make, and we are closing customers on them. I cannot stress that enough; you know you’ve got a kick-ass design team when you can close people just based on wireframes. I never thought our product would be able to do that, and we were able to do that.

Gary Campbell

Co-founder and CEO, WineView

Working with the development team directly has been good. The development team and others have just been really, really supportive. They've, you know, taken our feedback and implemented it.

Nate Grinager

Co-President, Approve-IT

If I had something great to say about ConcertIDC, it is that they listened to our mission, they proposed solutions, they gave us many options...

Matt Scalici

Co-Founder and President/CEO, Fighting Cancer Network

I was nervous going in, trying to make sure I provided all the information that needed to be on the app, and I was just blown away by all the research ConcertIDC did... They did so much research, they did a fantastic job. So, I’m just completely happy with the way things have gone and the things [CIDC] has done

Tracy Saul

President, E.C. Frazier and Associates

The thing I want to highlight for future customers from my experience is the vision that ConcertIDC has had from the beginning, which is that they're not just a developer or a vendor but a partner in this process. From the first meeting I had, [the team] said we want to be with you from inception to exit.

Jeremiah Mosley

Founder and CEO, Fido Security

The biggest thing for us has been the constant communication. When we have a problem, [ConcertIDC] is very responsive, and having someone dedicated to helping us dive into our business, look from a different perspective, and learn what makes our business tick from a CRM perspective has been valuable.

Dawson Brady

General Manager, Allied Insulation

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