What makes Concert IDC different from other software developers?

Strong technical skills, greater efficiency, and better communication help us rise above other software development firms. The result for you is higher quality, less frustration, and lower costs. We also have a passion for what we do, which fuels our enthusiasm and your success. Another thing that sets us apart is the Concert IDC Inc Tank, which allows software developers who lack funding or expertise to make their ideas a reality.

What kind of software development projects do you handle?

Concert IDC can help you with mobile applications, websites, customized software tools, and more. We can also supplement the efforts of your in-house software development team for specific IT projects. If you have questions, contact us, and we’ll give you the answers you need.

I’m interested in the Concert IDC Inc Tank. When I contact you, do I have to reveal my software idea?

Definitely not. We completely understand your need to safeguard your intellectual property. During our first conversation, we’ll tell you how the Inc Tank works and how it could benefit you. If we mutually decide to work together, we’ll create a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect you and your idea.

How much can I save using the Armor Connect Engine for EDI?

Probably quite a bit of money. You can get an estimate in a few minutes with our online calculator. Just fill out a few questions, and you’ll get your pricing instantly. It’s an all-digital process with no human interaction – eliminating the usual time and hassle of getting an EDI estimate. Deployed through the Amazon Web Services cloud, ACE provides all of the traditional benefits of EDI – from high security to excellent scalability – at a more reasonable cost.